Taizhou Duoblon Industrial Co., Ltd., located in the arch of the new China Zhejiang Huangyan Avenue North City Development Zone on the 9th, the company mainly produces high-end glasses, beer mugs, cups, drink cups, advertising cups, the company adhere to the people-oriented management philosophy focus on strengthening internal staff training and education, with excellent working conditions and good wages to attract top talent to join, finally adhere to the "first-class quality, quality service" for the market guidelines, adhere to the "customer satisfaction first" marketing idea actively guide the consumer trend drinking cups, satisfy diverse, the pursuit of market demand for high-quality products, expand and improve the marketing network, more than the dragon is a growing learning platform, choose to engage in more than the dragon career, you also select a continuous learning platform for growth. Duoblon (China) to learning, virtue Reach for the purpose of providing a "accompanied all the way, step by step, added," the personnel training system, including compulsory, education and training programs of the three electives, marketers increase their knowledge and skills to enhance practitioners continued growth of the quality of the platform.

For intends to apply to become a sales representative Duoblon staff, the company will provide a rigorous specification in accordance with regulatory requirements free introductory training designed to help their understanding of direct marketing, understanding Duoblon, acquire the relevant laws and regulations and basic skills practitioners, and establish a good professional ethics. Participating in introductory training and examination in order to become a sales representative Duoblon open Duoblon build cups career. Duoblon rising expectations for sales staff, the company has a variety of training courses for their freedom of choice, self-learning. Anytime, anywhere learning, can also choose the company to develop a system of professional training materials, increase knowledge and skills to improve the professional quality. By Duoblon personnel training system, excellent sales staff will be continued growth and development in the Duoblon career.

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